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#JustPitchIt prize contestants

#JustPitchIt prize contestants

These are the Top Fifteen that qualify for prizes! Remember, RTs and Favorites both go towards the prizes.


Reminder: All writers of Middle Grader readership (any genre), as well as writers of Nonfiction (any readership level) are all welcome to pitch on Twitter today from 7:00 a.m. CST to 8:00 p.m. CST. 

ALL agents and acquisitions editors are welcome and invited to join in.



12yo Alex must pull off one last heist—stealing a high-tech energy cube—before her city is destroyed & her sister lost forever. #JustPitchIt (via @whimsicallyours)


A secret lies at the root of two brothers strained relationship & unravels when amountain adventure leads to an NDE for one #justpitchit mg (via @csschwarz)


12 y/o Jake has one shot at bringing his grade up enough to play baseball – win the spelling bee. Problem is, Jake can’t spell. #JustPitchIt  (via @book_laurie)


12 y/o Lilly Washington is an Abe Lincoln Fangirl who risks expulsion to uncover lost Civil War secrets from 1860’s diary. #JustPitchIt (via @book_laurie)


13 year old Sean Stevens is sick of 2nd place, but this year his science fair project will wake the dead. Literally. #JustPitchIt (via @mrsshafferjms)


Bounty hunters, hidden slaves, lost uncle, stolen locket, midwife at midnight–all impact today’s kids locked in a past time #JustPitchIt (via @MarilynLQuigley)


11yr old Gideon is going blind when a nightmare demon tempts him to abandon real life for lucid dreams where he can still “see” #JustPitchIt (via @thesaturnbull)


Peter Harper thinks he’s chosen to save his city from destruction. He isn’t. #JustPitchIt (via @slamb05)


When 12yoConley frees a killer dragon, a secret society is his one hope to learn dragon warfare & win the battle in the sky. #JustPitchIt MG (via @ajvan)


12yo Meg finds spell, grows wings!Grandpa demands secrecy, scientists will storm farm – unless Meg’s coming out plan works. #JustPitchIt MG (via @kidlitSarah)


Cassandra Day, a unicorn with a legendary horn, must kill the evil giant Gargamouth, who wants to become ruler of Fantasya. #JustPitchIt (via @Magic_Violinist)


A 13yo’s ancestral power of disintegration causes chaos in others’ abilities, as the adolescent struggles to harness it. #JustPitchIt #MG (via @lexicalcreation)


When kids are fruity & villains are pests, the kid detectives rely on magic & friendship to keep their village safe. #JustPitchIt MG/Fan 41K  (via @linhnguyenng)



NF memoir:Nostalgia leads Peace Corps vol. back to Malawi 25yrs later–rethinks her adventures, Western guilt, value of charity. #justpitchit (via @annesmoeder)


When death threatens to interfere, sometimes homeschool lessons aren’t just for the children. #JustPitchIt #NF memoir (via @TalynnL)



GRAND PRIZE: One-on-one consultation with a “Publicity Muse” for a personalized publicity plan and strategy for your bookRemember, the ride is only just beginning once you land your contract. 
FIRST RUNNER-UP: Are you ready for this? A FULL, professional manuscript edit.


If I favorite your pitch today, you may send your full query (query letter + first three chapters pasted) to Jessica[dot]Schmeidler[at]AnaiahPress[dot]com.


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  1. Marilyn Quigley says:

    I was so surprised to see I’m one of the winners. What happens next? (My book is finished but in its final edit–which has been ongoing for a year! You know how that is!!!

    • Just tweet your pitch today. Try to keep a tally of faves and retweets to compare to my own. I’ll be tallying up at the end of the day.

  2. Sarah Floyd says:

    Yay! My pitch is on the list! Thanks for the opportunity. : )

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